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What make us different?

We are the leaders in Project Management Certification Exam Training Courses with Best Pass rate in the Business!

We focus on delivering a core set of products and services, and are strategically positioned to partner with our customers for the long term. We build and nurture relationships with our customers and deliver effective solutions much quicker than our competitors and deliver expert services to help organizations and their people perform to maximum potential. 


How we do it?
projectingIT delivers results by:

Assessing the current project portfolio, using performance-based metrics
Review project status reporting processes
Evaluate project risk and advise response and mitigation strategies
Assess skills levels for project management staff

When you should consider involving us?

Are you starting to see your time-to-market lag behind where you know it should be?


Do your products get launched on time, but with less functionality than you expected in order to meet deadlines?

Is there a better way to help your product managers more effectively develop the business case for their products?